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Friday, 23 September 2011

New in Store ~ Arachne

Beware the spider and her bite, the widow she is deadly
Once she has you in her grasp you dance with her the medley
She lures you to her tight spun web with promises of love
Makes believe her innocence is of the snow white dove
But just as you begin to trust, she lunges at you fierce
Her talons spear you through the heart and then your soul to pierce
No longer master of your fate for in her grasp you lay
Her web it weaves around you, there tightly spun you stay
And as you wait for her return you think upon your plight
For even now she forages, another victim in her sight.

Perfect for those twilight, halloween kits or pages.

Zip contains: 7 unique Arachne Poses

Commercial  Use OK

Aussie Scrap Designs

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